Black Out – Sydney Valette [Minimal Wave – Paris] Euro Tour 2019 // Rome – Sabato 26 Gennaio 2019

sabato 26 Gennaio 2019

22:00 fino alle ore 4:00

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Metamorphosis Club proudly presents:

‡ SYDNEY VALETTE (Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs, Yük-Fu records

"Fight Back" Euro Tour 2019

Saturday 26th January live in Rome.

Of all the one-man-bands and bedroom producers emerging out of the French music scene these last years, Sydney Valette is amongst the most romantic and determined.
Be it Gabber, punk, trance, garage and even jazz his ability to melt an array of styles into otherworldly tones is unique.
With three albums he’s appropriated his own synthwave, distinguishable by their candour, essence of nostalgia and element of depth.
In contrast to the introspection he can infuse through his records, his concerts emanate vitality akin to that of a punk performance. A showmanship he’s acquired by being prominent on both the alternative and festival scene. Recently it’s this stage presence that’s placed him at the forefront of the French, indie music scene.
Whilst 2017 saw him play in Russia, Mexico, Portugal and France his fourth album is of course coming out just before the end of the year.


Djset by_ Metamorphosis Club Group

Wave | Indie | Post-punk | Darkwave | Classic Goth
Minimal | Industrial | E.b.m. | Acid | New Beat

Musick To Play In The Dark.
All genres. Must wear all black.
Total Black

Blackout Rock Club, via Anagnina 3 [Roma]

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