Sheket – ItsSoGooD pres. Sadar Bahar | Sheket – Giovedì 8 Novembre 2018

giovedì 8 Novembre 2018

22:30 fino alle ore 3:00

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// ItsSoGooD //

Sheket's new thursday funky-disco night is here!
Hot names from the local and international scene will perform in our groovy pink velvet room… get ready!

Sadar Bahar dj set
◊ Solko dj set

Sadar Bahar truly is a breed on it’s own. Born in Newark, New Jersey, but being raised in Chicago during the 70’s was a good breeding ground for his developing taste in music, where he was being exposed to Gospel, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Soul and other types of genres. This, accompanied by the Technics turntables his mom gifted Sadar, led to the realization that music was his deepest passion and started an unending journey. A journey that takes Sadar not only across the world where he shows what impeccable and strictly vinyl mixing is, but also a journey through record crates. Digging has become a life habit – or a “30-year disease, a sickness” as Sadar calls it himself – from which he has yet to take a break.
Around the 80’s, Chicago was learning the meaning of House music and DJs like Sadar were – and still are – the flag bearers. However, Sadar’s interest was also in the direction of rare disco and boogie grooves he found in stores and kept pulling them out of his record case to put on the turntables. When some of the best- known DJ’s whom he admired referred to him as a serious music collector, a monster was born.
Sadar Bahar’s distinctive stance on the essence of house music has allowed him to stay relevant up till today. With a strictly vinyl-to-vinyl ethos and delivering the deepest and unknown of rare grooves rather than straight beat tracks. As Soul In The Hole, Sadar and Lee Collins strive to keep the soulful vibe alive which in their opinion can only be derived from “real” music, created by “real” musicians playing “real” instruments. Anyone who’s seen him play can attest to the pure brilliance of his art and dedication.

Solko has been one of the most representative dj of the broken beatz and future jazz scene in Italy, now he
plays also nu disco and innovative deep house with jazzy, soul, funk and afro influences. He started his
career in May '91 when he bought his firsts records, signed by De La Soul, Crystal Waters, Robert Owens
and Africa Bambaata. Dj Solko boasts a fascinating mini tour in Paris,he performed at the Elysèe
Montmartre and OPA, and in Finland at Bundolo Club and We Got Beef remix club in Helsinki. He also
added a sound-track to the presentation of Anton Corbjin's exibition, in the modern art museum of Bologna
, in the 2003 Movie Festival of Venice Solko added a sound-track to the movies party in competition. In
October 2003,he took part at the 27th Rome Jazz Festival. He was one of the residents dj's of Q-warehouse
club, Zen club and Zulu club in Gaeta and was regular guest at RE::Life parties in La Palma Club of Rome, at
4Cento dinner club in Milan and at Rising South in Naples . He produced some remixes and tracks for as
label as The Dub rec, Claudio Coccoluto’s label, or Pulver Rec from Germany that produced many tracks by
Inverse Cinematic aka Motor City Drum Ensemble. Actually Solko is working on new productions and new

Sheket is an alchemycal mix of drink, contemporary food and groove that never stops. Sheket is the secret to keep for yourself, or to share.


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Slow Club. Keep It For Yourself.

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